Thylane Blondeau for Jalouse Magazine, April 2014
Photographed by: Stian Foss 
Title: #Born in 2001. 


let me tell you if you are dating me its gonna be an experience

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Und niemand liebt dich mehr als ich.

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Hello nuggets, we (stefan & kelly) are lazypacific and before you ask, NO we are not a tumblr couple. we’re just another two reckless teenagers who met at school and started dating. we laugh about the weirdest things and go bowling a lot (because kelly sucks at it). we’re both math nerds and we usually go on study dates instead of parties. In all, we care about each other so much, and maybe one day we’ll fall in love like in the fairytales ♡
p.s. we follow back ♥

so cute I can’t even


HD porn is so clear that you can actually see how disappointed their parents are

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